Operating and Managing a Tenancy In Common Group

The articles on this page provide day-to-day guidance for TIC owners and managers.

The articles on this page provide day-to-day guidance for TIC owners and managers. They cover the details of tenancy in common association operation, including making and enforcing rules, maintaining the TIC property, expense allocation, property tax allocation, budgeting, dues collection, governmental and tax filing requirements, calling and holding owner meetings, making decisions, and resolving disputes.

Starting and Operating A TIC Homeowners Association

Step-by-step instructions for opening bank accounts, tax filings, getting insurance, calling meetings, voting and more, for incorporated and unicorporated TICs.

Enforcing TIC Agreements and Resolving Disputes

Do TICs argue more than condo HOAs? Are TIC agreements enforceable? What’s the fastest and least expensive way to resolve a dispute between tenants in common?

How To Divide Property Tax in a TIC

The only fair way to apportion property tax in a California tenancy in common so that one owner’s sale or improvements do not raise the other owner’s taxes.

Allocating TIC Property Taxes: A Property Manager’s Perspective

SF’s leading TIC manager discusses how tenancy in common owners allocate property taxes and how to solve common TIC property tax problems within the owners group and with the County Assessors Office.

Summary of San Francisco’s New Short-Term Rental Law

The new law makes vacation rentals in San Francisco clearly illegal in most situations and empowers neighbors and tenants groups to take the lead in shutting them down. Here is a summary.