SirkinLaw APC’s focus is tenancy in common (TIC) for owner-users, fractional ownership of vacation/resort property and vehicles, family/friend shared ownership, equity sharing, subdivision and condominium conversion, amendment and revision of CC&Rs and other condominium documents, real estate investment, and property internet trading platforms.

Keeping our practice narrow and focused allows us to deliver expert advice and assist our clients quickly and cost-effectively. Our familiarity with the many issues that arise in connection with shared ownership allows us to provide our clients with an inexpensive dispute resolution forum, either via phone consultation or in-house mediation. We do not, however, represent individual clients in litigation or disputes of any kind.

The two central principles of our practice are:

  • To create legal and usage structures that withstand the test of time, and to write agreements in plain English with a detailed and easy-to-use table of contents; and
  • To ensure that our clients know exactly what their costs will be before hiring us by offering flat fee or not-to-exceed pricing structures.

To reach us by phone, dial +1-415-738-8545 (US) or +33-1-76-66-02-02 (France).

Our Practice Areas: