This site contains information on all types of fractional real estate and shared property ownership.

Our articles include information on tenancy in common (also known as tenants in common and TIC), condominium conversion, fractional vacation homes and clubs, equity sharing, homeowner associations, investment LLCs and partnerships, syndication and web-based real estate platforms, and crowdfunding. We provide both basic information for homeowners or home buyers with no real estate background, and more sophisticated information for developers, syndicators, real estate professionals and attorneys.

About Andy Sirkin and SirkinLaw APC

SirkinLaw APC has focused on real estate co-ownership since 1985 and has been involved in the creation of more than 5,000 co-ownership arrangements throughout the United States and the world. This breadth of experience allows us to draw on a huge library of fractional project documentation as well as extensive knowledge of marketing and registration requirements for virtually any location where a project might be located or potentially marketed. We pride ourselves on our ability to write legal documents in plain English, develop simple and elegant usage and organizational structures, and offer efficient, reliable and cost-effective services for fractional projects ranging in size from a single house or condominium up to hundreds of factional interests. Our law firm has offices in San Francisco California and Paris France.

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Specific Articles Organized By Co-Ownership Type

We offer separate resource pages on various types of co-ownership, each with overviews, FAQs, detailed explorations of specific issues, and relevant laws, newspaper articles, books, and other resources.

Tenancy In Common (TIC)

Learn about tenancy in common (TIC) and explore the many ways tenants in common ownership is used.

Equity Sharing

Articles and resources on equity sharing as well as basic information of interest to first-time home buyers.

CC&R Amendment / Replacement

Homeowners associations should periodically replace older CC&Rs and bylaws so they adhere to current law and “best practices”.

Sample Agreements, Forms and Templates

Simple, customizable agreements designed for people without legal training.

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