SirkinLaw APC provides mediation services for disputes relating to real estate purchase contracts, shared ownership, homeowners associations, tenant in common (TIC), family properties or partnerships, vacation home sharing and timeshare, and other similar matters.

We achieve results through a combination of patience, careful listening, knowledge of related law, and creativity in proposing solutions and convincing parties why adopting our proposed solutions will be better than continuing to fight.

Our success rate with real estate dispute mediation is currently above 90%.

Mediation through our firm is easy to initiate and inexpensive. Neither side needs to hire an attorney. Sessions can be limited to 1-2 hours, and parties pay only for the time used. Since, in most cases, the parties leave the mediation session with a signed agreement, the mediation produces immediate results. While the mediation is best held in person at our office, we also conduct mediations via phone conference.

Mediation and Dispute Resolution

This link leads to articles related to resolving disputes among co-owners of real estate, including homeowners associations (HOAs), tenancy in common (TICs), family partnerships, investor groups, and other shared ownership arrangements relating to real estate.