SirkinLaw APC provides short, clear and understandable CC&R updates and amendments on an affordable flat fee basis for homeowners associations throughout California.

Our CC&Rs and Bylaws are often described by other attorneys and governmental officials as the most modern, easy to understand, and effective in California.

Homeowners association CC&Rs, bylaws and rules need regular updating or revision to accommodate changed circumstances, comply with the latest law, and remove obsolete provisions. Associations also replace their governing documents because the old documents are hard to understand and/or use, or do not effectively deal with the real problems of the association.

We update our templates regularly to incorporate changes in legislation and case law, and we are constantly re-examining and improving our language as a result of client experiences learned through in-house mediations and client consultations. Our emphasis is on making the documents easy for non-lawyers to navigate and apply, and minimizing the likelihood that a dispute will result in arbitration or court action.

We take most pride, however, in customizing CC&Rs to the property and the clients themselves. While much of the CC&Rs language is mandated by California law, a substantial portion of the document details maintenance responsibilities as between the owner and the association, (and also, as necessary, as between a subset of owners) clarifies exclusive use areas (e.g., restrictions on use, alterations permitted), voting and insurance requirements, and sets forth usage restrictions such as occupancy and pets. Providing clear language regarding these issues facilitates the smooth operation of the association by eliminating uncertainty, avoiding disputes, and saving time and money.