SirkinLaw APC has assisted in a wide range of real estate investment offerings, private placements, crowdfunding platforms, and internet-based real estate services and platforms.

We assist with development of real estate transaction structure and planning, entity formation (including LLCs, LPs and corporations), and documentation such as partnership agreements, operating agreements, investor questionnaires, subscription agreements and private placement memoranda.

We focus on assisting individual entrepreneurs, startups, and smaller, boutique real estate investment offices find cost-effective solutions appropriate for limited size and resources. Our attorneys bring extensive personal experience in real estate investment, fund raising, and business startups. We have been in the entrepreneurial trenches ourselves, and understand the challenges facing our clients. We understand that, for startup entrepreneurs and small businesses, the need to comply with securities offering regulations must be balanced with a need for speed, efficiency, and economy. Our goal is to find solutions that are reasonable and possible; not to destroy a new business before it starts.