SirkinLaw APC has developed shared ownership structures, and created shared ownership agreements, for virtually every type of co-ownership arrangement ranging from the relatively ordinary (brothers and sisters inheriting the family vacation home, unmarried couple buying a home together), to the extremely unusual (disaster shelters, co-housing, intentional communities, yurt communes, shared wineries, shared horse stables etc.).

Twenty-eight years of shared ownership experience allows us to suggest tested approaches for a very wide range of property types, economic and usage inequalities, relationships and temperaments, to earn the trust of all the participants, and to bring patience and guidance to the most challenging co-ownership situations.

The odds are that, regardless of how unusual your shared ownership situation or issue, we have seen it or something like it before, and will be able to help you more ably and cost-effectively that a generalist who needs to “reinvent the wheel”.

Working with couples, families, and groups of friends requires a level of patience and empathy that is entirely foreign to lawyers who typically spend their days negotiating or fighting on behalf of individual clients. Because our practice has never included this type of individual advocacy, our professional lives have only been about bringing people together and making co-ownership relationships succeed. We understand how important it is to earn the trust and confidence of each group member, and to suggest creative solutions when there are differences of opinion. We see preservation of personal relationships as the most important goal of our work.