Real Estate Basics

Real estate buying process with tools to perform due diligence and avoid pitfalls

The articles on this page are intended for fist-time buyers who are looking for basic education on real estate transactions. These articles will explain basis terminology, describe the basis real estate buying process, and provide you with tools to perform due diligence and avoid pitfalls.

First-Time Home Buyers Top 10 Issues

The process of buying and selling real estate is full of terms and procedures that are completely new to first-time buyers. This article will help you master the basics.

Playing The Home Mortgage Game

Most first-time buyers find mortgages hopelessly complicated and arbitrary, and they are absolutely right. But a basic understanding of the players and the plays can make the loan qualification process considerably less frustrating.

Condo Buyer’s Checklist

Learn what to look for in CC&Rs, Bylaws and HOA financial information before buying a condominium.

TIC Essentials For Buyers and Their Realtors

Get the tools and checklists you need to decide if a TIC is the right home ownership option for you. Explore statistics on whether TICs are a good investment over time. Learn how to compare one TIC to another, what documents a TIC buyer should request, and what the buyer should look for in these documents.

Fractional Ownership and Residence Club Buyer Guide

Discover how to compare and choose between different fractional offerings.Which fractional is the best deal, and why? Which one will remain a good deal over time when owner dues are compared with other accommodations? Which ones will remain attractive and make you want to return? Which will best hold resale value? How valuable are exchange programs, and which ones are best? Get the tools you need to make an informed fractional buying decision.

Home Ownership For Domestic Partners and Unmarried Couples

This pamphlet provides comprehensive information on real estate and home ownership by domestic partners and unmarried couples.