TIC Essentials For Buyers and Their Realtors

The articles on this page are designed to help buyers decide if tenancy in common ownership is the right choice, and to help them compare and evaluate various tenancy in common ownership opportunities.

Are TICs Good Home-Buying Investments?

Experts discuss how TICs perform in the real estate market. Is buying a TIC risky? Do TICs hold their value? How does TIC appreciation compare to condominiums?

Checklist for TIC Buyers and Realtors

Key questions to ask before buying a tenancy in common. Is the TIC too risky? Can you sell your share? Will your tenants in common be good partners?

How To Get a TIC Mortgage and Refinance a TIC

Learn what TIC mortgages are available, how TIC interest rates compare, which TIC loans are best, and how to get TIC financing.

Comparing Large and Small TICs

Small TICs are not better or less risky than big ones. The pros and cons of large and small TIC groups for risk, operating, resale and condo conversion.

TIC Sales Trends

2013 TIC sales were up dramatically for the third strait year, and look poised to continue their upward trajectory. Realtor Jesse Fowler discusses sale statistics and other 2013 TIC trends.