Marketing and Selling Fractional Ownership

How To Market and Sell Fractional Ownership

Learn the most effective marketing and sales techniques for fractional ownership, private residence clubs, destination clubs, and quarter shares.

Most people quickly understand the benefits of fractional ownership arrangements, but can find many reasons to delay the decision to buy. To sell out a fractional ownership project quickly and cost-effectively, it is critical to understand how to expose the property to the right customers, explain the concept of fractional ownership in a clear and compelling way, and then convince the customer to buy now instead of later. These articles will explain the best practices used with the most successful fractional ownership properties, from individual homes to large private residence clubs.

Engaging With A Fractional Ownership Buyer or Potential Vacation Home Partner

Whether you are selling interests in your vacation home as fractional ownership, trying to convince friends, family members, and colleagues to participate in a joint vacation home purchase, or working as a real estate agent or resort salesperson, you can benefit from the tried and true fractional ownership marketing and sales techniques. These articles will describe what fractional ownership sales approaches have been successful and why allowing you to pick and choose the advice that is comfortable for you and appropriate for your project.

Top 10 Tips for Selling Fractional Ownership

Learn how to sell fractional ownership in a vacation home or condominium, from speaking with buyers or potential partners, to getting a commitment to buy.

Best Fractional Ownership Sales Techniques

How relationship selling techniques can lead fractional ownership buyers to make a purchase commitment.

Fractional Ownership: The 90 Minute Sale

Model scripts answer challenging questions from fractional ownership buyers and pose the closing questions.

Selling Fractional Ownership Using Real Estate Agents

Even real estate agents who know nothing about fractional ownership can represent fractional properties, bringing their valuable marketing know-how and reach, client contacts, and sales techniques. These articles are designed to educate real estate agents and help sellers convince them to take on fractional properties for sale.

Fractional Ownership Primer For Real Estate Agents

Using fractional ownership to increase commissions and sales: slides from speech to the CAR Global Real Estate Forum. (4572 KBytes, PDF)

Using Real Estate Agents to Sell Fractional Properties

Ten keys to introducing Realtors to fractional ownership and enticing them to market and sell fractional property.