Condominium Conversion Procedures

How do you convert a property to condominiums?

The articles on this page describe the steps in the condominium conversion process, explore potential problems and solutions, and answer the questions most commonly asked by people during the conversion process.

San Francisco Condominium Conversion Rules and Process

Condominium conversion step-by-step. How to qualify for conversion and bypass the condo lottery? How long does condo-izing take and how much does it cost?

Condominium Conversion FAQs

This article provides detailed answers to the questions we are most frequently asked by clients converting their San Francisco properties to condominiums. It is designed for those who have already won or bypassed the condo lottery.

Condominium Conversion Top 10 Questions

Quick answers to the 10 most commonly-asked questions about the San Francisco condominium conversion process.

How To Fasttrack Your Condo Lottery Bypass Conversion

San Francisco allows two-unit owner occupied buildings to bypass the conversion lottery and convert to condominiums following a one-year owner-occupancy period. This article explains how you can fasttrack the condominium conversion process.

Condominium Conversion Flowchart

A detailed flowchart showing the steps required for condominium conversion in San Francisco (35 KBytes, PDF)

San Francisco Condominium Conversion Status Tracking

Check the exact stays of your condominium conversion in real time on the SFDPW subdivision tracking page.

Sell or Move Out Before or During Condo Conversion?

Can an owner move after satisfying condominium conversion owner-occupancy requirements but before applying? Is it okay to sell while conversion is in process?

Obtaining A Tax Certificate For Condominium Conversion

Condo converting owners must prepay property tax based on the time of year conversion is completed. This article explains payment amounts and tax certificate requirements and answers the most commonly asked questions about property tax and condominium conversion.

Condominium Conversion Physical Inspections

Read the San Francisco Building Department’s description of the condominium conversion building inspection process. (96 KBytes, PDF)