Fractional Ownership and Residence Club Buyer Guide

How To Compare Fractional Ownership Offerings

The articles on this page will give you the tools you need to compare fractional ownership offerings and determine which ones offer the best value, will remain attractive and well-maintained over time, keep a fair relationship between annual owner dues and the cost of comparable lodging, and hold their value for resale.

Comparing and Choosing Among Fractional Ownership Options

This article is intended to help you understand, analyze and compare fractional vacation ownership options, ranging from buying into an individual home or condominium with friends or family, to buying into a private residence club resort offered by Ritz Carlton or Four Seasons.

Fractional Ownership: Timeshare With A Makeover?

Are fractional ownership, private residence clubs, destination clubs and quartershares the same as timeshares? What are the differences?

All About Fractional Ownership and PRC Exchange Programs

How do fractional ownership and private residence club exchange programs work? What are the differences, and which exchange programs are best?

Pros and Cons: Vacation Home or Fractional Ownership

Owning a vacation home at a fraction of the cost sounds good. But isn’t owning with others asking for trouble? When is fractional ownership better than owning alone?

Fractional Ownership Video Tutorial

Video explains the basics of shared vacation home ownership with specifics on how to arrange fractional ownership of homes and apartments in France.