General Information on Fractional Ownership

Learn Fractional Ownership Basics

Get started exploring the basics of fractional ownership and other vacation home sharing arrangements, including private residence clubs, destination clubs, quarter shares, timeshare, and vacation home partnership. Here you will find a short overview of fractional ownership and a more comprehensive explanation detailing all aspects of fractional ownership.

Fractional Ownership 101

A basic introduction to the benefits of fractional ownership of a vacation or second home.

Fractional Ownership FAQs

Answers to the most frequently asked questions on all aspects of fractional ownership for the buyer, seller, developer or Realtor.

Understand The Different Kinds of Fractional Ownership

Dig deeper into the intricacies and practicalities of private residence clubs, fractional ownership, quartershares, time sharing and vacation home partnerships, with these articles on definitions of fractional ownership terms and lingo, and characteristics of fractional ownership and timeshare types and product categories.

Fractional Ownership Terminology

Understand fractional ownership terms like equity/non-equity, deeded/non-deeded, titled, private residence club (PRC), destination club, vacation club, and quartershare.

Five Key Differences Between Co-Ownership and Timashares

Read why it is often said that co-ownership is like owning your dream vacation home, only better, and timeshare is like endlessly returning to the same mediocre hotel or resort group, only worse. (49 KBytes, PDF)

Fractional Ownership Types

Learn differences between timeshare, fractional ownership, private residence clubs (PRC), destination clubs, quartershares, shared ownership and co-ownership. (49 KBytes, PDF)

Fractional Ownership For Families and Groups of Friends

Learn how to put together a group of family members or friends to co-own and share a vacation home in fractional ownership. Read the most important tips and issues for making sure friend and family fractional ownership groups function smoothly and without hassle, and avoid disputes or disagreements through years of successful co-ownership.

Shared Ownership 101

A fractional ownership specialist lawyer explains the 10 most important issues in shared property ownership, co-ownership and partnership.

Family Ownership Top 10 Issues

Learn the 10 best ways to prevent family co-ownership from leading to anger, resentment, and frustration.