Unmarried Couples Sample Agreement

Sample Home Ownership Contract For Unmarried Couples

Sample Property Co-Ownership Agreement For Two Parties Who Will Live Together

This agreement template is designed for situations where two parties will co-own a home and live in it together. It will work when the property is owned in equal shares or unequal shares, where the ownership percentage will change over time, or where one party will lend the other money. Suitable for any U.S. state, plain English easy to understand and customize, seven pages long with a detailed table of contents for easy reference.

Sample Memorandum of Agreement

A memorandum of agreement protects an owner who is not bankrupt or in debt from creditors, bankruptcies and liens involving other owners, and from attacks by heirs, ex spouses, and other non-signers. It provides “constructive notice” of the existence of the agreement so that creditors and other outside parties cannot claim they are not bound, and prevents them from using a “partition” to force sale and division of proceeds according to title percentage (without regard to what the agreement says).