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We would be delighted to assist you if your needs fit within the boundaries of our practice area. Our areas of expertise are described in detail on other pages of this website. To avoid the delay or disappointment of waiting for a response that will not come, please take a moment to to review the things that our attorneys do not handle.

  • Our office is 100% non-adversarial. This means we do not represent or advise anyone in any sort of disagreement, argument, or dispute.
  • We do not appear on anyone’s behalf in any sort of court or arbitration proceeding, and we do not write letters threatening or demanding any sort of action.
  • We do not represent or advise anyone in any landlord-tenant matter, including evictions, tenant buyouts, or rental agreement preparation. 
  • We do not assist owners association, companies, or individuals attempting to collect money or deal with nonpayments. 
  • We do not offer tax planning, advice or preparation.
  • We do not offer trust/estate planning, and do not prepare wills or living trusts.

If, after reading the limitations above, you feel we can assist with your needs, please contact us at

Please do not send us any solicitation for SEO services or any offer to write copy for this website.