SirkinLaw APC has provided legal support and documents for fractional real estate projects, ranging from one house or condo to hundreds of units, throughout the world including the US, Europe, the Caribbean, Central and South America.

SirkinLaw APC’s fractional ownership practice also extends to personal property such as exotic cars, yachts, and RVs, and involves general advice and counseling on project structure, usage arrangements and marketing, governmental approvals, and loan documents, and ongoing consultation to developers, seller, sales and managements professionals, internet startups, and fractional property owners.

We offer most of these services on a flat-fee basis, and our rates are generally lower than those of other firms with similar levels of experience.

Our broad range of experience allows us to deliver unusually fast and cost-effective service by drawing on a huge library of fractional documentation and extensive knowledge of legal requirements for virtually any location where a project might be located or marketed.

When working with developers, real estate professionals, or owners planning to sell fractional shares, we never lose sight of how our legal work will impact marketing and sales efforts, and we bring a wealth of knowledge regarding past marketing successes and failures.

When working with families and friends buying together, we carefully flesh out our client needs and goals, and craft co-ownership solutions that are durable enough to adapt to changes in usage patterns, aging and succession, and unforeseen events.

And in all our projects, our goal is to create well-organized and readable documents that our clients, and future owners, can understand and use.