CC&Rs and Bylaws Flat-Fee Rewrite Program

By Andy Sirkin

The Rewrite Program is a unique new concept in homeowners’ association services.

Now, for the first time, it is possible to have your homeowners association’s (HOA) governing documents, typically the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) and Bylaws fully revised and updated to the latest, most advanced versions, all for a fixed fee quoted in advance.

The Rewrite Program will:

  • Eliminate outdated or unnecessary provisions in your old documents
  • Resolve your specific operating problems
  • Incorporate recent changes in the law
  • Respond to today’s and tomorrow’s problem areas and issues
  • Provide the latest enforcement procedures
  • Mandate mediation/arbitration of most disputes
  • Offer expanded protection for officers and directors

Best of all, your new documents will be written in simplified language in an easy to read format, all keyed to an integrated system of indexing and pagination covering both the CC&Rs and Bylaws.

We are proud that our condominium governing documents are often described by other attorneys and governmental officials as the most modern, easy to understand, and effective in California. Unlike many firms, we re-examine and improve our templates several times each year to ensure they are as good as we can make them. Our emphasis is on making the documents easy for non-lawyers to navigate and apply, and minimizing the likelihood that a dispute will result in arbitration or court action. Call us for more information or a fee quote.