California Subdivision Map Act (Part 7)

66499.37. Any action or proceeding to attack, review, set aside, void or annul the decision of an advisory agency, appeal board or legislative body concerning a subdivision, or of any of the proceedings, acts or determinations taken, done or made prior to such decision, or to determine the reasonableness, legality or validity of any condition attached thereto, shall not be maintained by any person unless such action or proceeding is commenced and service of summons effected within 90 days after the date of such decision. Thereafter all persons are barred from any such action or proceeding or any defense of invalidity or unreasonableness of such decision or of such proceedings, acts or determinations. Any such proceeding shall take precedence over all matters of the calendar of the court except criminal, probate, eminent domain and forcible entry and unlawful detainer proceedings.

66499.50. This division applies to all counties and, whether incorporated or not, to all cities, towns and villages in this state.

66499.51. As used in this division: (a) “City council or board of supervisors” includes the proper corresponding governing board and authority in each place where the division applies. (b) “City engineer” and “county surveyor” includes the like or corresponding officer, subject to the direction of the corresponding governing board and authority in each place where the division applies. (c) If there is no city engineer or county surveyor subject to such direction, the corresponding board and authority may employ competent engineers and surveyors to the extent necessary for the carrying out of the purposes of this division in the places subject to its jurisdiction, and the persons so appointed shall have the same authority and shall perform the same duties as are given to and enjoined upon city engineers and county surveyors, respectively, in like cases. The services of engineers and surveyors so employed shall be contracted for, examined, passed upon, audited and paid as are other debts contracted by such governing boards and authorities.

66499.52. (a) Whenever any city, town or subdivision of land is platted or divided into lots or blocks, and whenever any addition to any city, town or subdivision is laid out into lots or blocks for the purpose of sale or transfer, the city engineer or the county surveyor, under the direction and with the approval of the city council or board of supervisors, may make an official map of the city, town or subdivision, giving to each block on the map a number, and to each lot or subdivision in the block a separate number or letter, and giving names to the streets, avenues, lanes, courts, commons or parks, as may be delineated on the official map. (b) In a city or county which has adopted the procedure prescribed herein, any surveyor or engineer, under the review of the city engineer or county surveyor, may prepare an official map to be filed for record pursuant to subdivisions (d) and (e) of Section 66499.35. The map shall be prepared in accordance with the map format specifications of subdivisions (a) to (f), inclusive, of Section 66434. Payment for the services of the city engineer or county surveyor, and any charges required by local ordinance to be paid for the cost of processing the official map by the city engineer or county surveyor, shall be the responsibility of the applicant. The official map shall include an engineer’s or surveyor’s certificate stating that the map was prepared pursuant to the provisions of this section, and an approval certificate of the city engineer or county surveyor. The certificate shall be signed, and, below or immediately adjacent to the signature, indicate the license or registration number with expiration date of the registered civil engineer or licensed land surveyor preparing and approving the official map.

66499.53. The engineer or surveyor, under the direction and with the approval of the city council or board of supervisors, may compile the map from maps on file, or may resurvey or renumber the blocks, or renumber or reletter the lots in the blocks, or change the names of streets.

66499.54. Each and every map made and adopted under this division shall be certified under the hands of a majority of the members and the presiding officer and secretary and official seal, if any, of the authority adopting the same. The certificate shall set forth in full the resolution adopting the map, with the date of adoption.

66499.55. The map, so certified, shall be forthwith filed in the office of the county recorder of the county wherein the platted lands are situate. The recorder shall immediately securely fasten and bind each map so filed in one of a series of firmly bound books to be provided, together with the proper indexes thereof and appropriately marked for the reception of the maps provided for in this division.

66499.56. The map shall become an official map for all the purposes of this division when certified, filed and bound, but not before.

66499.57. Whenever the city council or board of supervisors adopts a map prepared under this division as the official map of the subdivision, town, city or county, it shall be lawful and sufficient to describe the lots or blocks in any deeds, conveyances, contracts, or obligations affecting any of the lots or blocks as designated on the official map, a reference sufficient for the identification of the map being coupled with the description.

66499.58. All surveys and the field notes thereof made by any engineer or surveyor, under the provisions of this division, or in surveying officially any lots or parcels of land in any city, town or county for the purposes of any map under this division, shall be filed in the office of the surveyor or engineer, as the case may be, and shall become a part of the public records of the city, town or county.