The Home Equity Sharing Manual By Andy Sirkin

First published in 1994 and still the most-widely used equity sharing reference book.

Andy Sirkin’s The Home Equity Sharing Manual, first published by John Wiley & Sons in 1994, is the most thorough and comprehensive explanation of equity sharing available.

The Manual is an indispensable resource for attorneys, developers, Realtors, sellers and buyers considering an equity sharing transaction. Chapter topics include: Basics for First-Time Buyers, Basic Equity Sharing Structure, Maximizing Tax Benefits, Calculating Ownership Percentages, Dispute Resolution, Default and Death, Making Equity Sharing Happen: A Home Buyer’s Guide, A Seller-Investor’s Guide, A Real Estate Agent’s Guide, and Why Equity Share? To read an excerpt from the The Home Equity Sharing Manual, click here.

In his review of  The Home Equity Sharing Manual, nationally syndicated real estate writer Robert Bruss wrote:

“David Andrew Sirkin has written the best book on this topic in an understandable yet complete manner. Although he is a lawyer in San Francisco, Sirkin does not write in legalese. Rather, he thoroughly explains equity sharing pros and cons in easy-to-understand terms. However, he doesn’t sacrifice the necessary details for readers who want to anticipate virtually every possibility. The author has taken a difficult subject and thoroughly explained it without being boring. . . Sirkin explains most everything that can happen, good or bad, during the period of co-ownership. He takes the reader all the way from acquiring the residence through ownership and possible pitfalls, such as the need for major repairs, to its ultimate transfer to the resident’s full ownership. Along the way, the author explains how to handle the worst scenario, a resident’s failure to make the monthly payments.”