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Key questions to ask before buying a tenancy in common. Is the TIC too risky? Can you sell your share? Will your tenants in common be good partners?     03-22-2011
Condo Buyer's Checklist Learn what to look for in CC&Rs, Bylaws and HOA financial information before buying a condominium. Andy Sirkin (03/22/11) 03-22-2011
First-Time Home Buyers Top 10 Issues The process of buying and selling real estate is full of terms and procedures that are completely new to first-time buyers. This article will help you master the basics.   12-08-2008
Playing The Home Mortgage Game Most first-time buyers find mortgages hopelessly complicated and arbitrary, and they are absolutely right. But a basic understanding of the players and the plays can make the loan qualification process considerably less frustrating.   12-07-2008
Tenants often buy their apartments when their building converts to TIC. Example of how TICs are sold to current tenants and how tenants organize a buying group     09-17-2007

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