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Title (click to view) Description Author(s) Published
San Francisco Rent Board Regulations (512 KBytes, PDF)     11-14-2013
San Francisco Rent Control Ordinance (532 KBytes, PDF)     11-14-2013
Tenants often buy their apartments when their building converts to TIC. Example of how TICs are sold to current tenants and how tenants organize a buying group     09-17-2007
Sell TIC shares gradually as tenants vacate without increasing property tax or risk, and defer capital gains tax     09-17-2007
Ellis Act CALIFORNIA GOVERNMENT CODE SECTIONS 7060-7060.7, the California law that allows owners and landlords to evict rent control tenants in order to take their building off the rental market   12-16-2004
Must a renter leave at lease end? Can an owner evict a tenant to move in? What is the Ellis Act and how does it work? Can a renter waive rent control rights?     12-14-2004

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