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How do fractional ownership and private residence club exchange programs work? What are the differences, and which exchange programs are best?     11-04-2013
Best practices and strategies for pricing and price multipliers in fractional ownership, quartershares, and residence clubs     05-30-2013
Best practices for allocating usage in fractional ownership and residence clubs. Pros and cons of fixed-use, reservation, rotation and exchange options     05-30-2013
Understand fractional ownership terms like equity/non-equity, deeded/non-deeded, titled, private residence club (PRC), destination club, vacation club, and quartershare     05-29-2013
Learn differences between timeshare, fractional ownership, private residence clubs (PRC), destination clubs, quartershares, shared ownership and co-ownership (49 KBytes, PDF)     10-08-2012
Using fractional ownership to increase commissions and sales: slides from speech to the CAR Global Real Estate Forum (4572 KBytes, PDF)     10-07-2012
Sample Memorandum of Agreement     05-30-2012
Sample Property Co-Ownership Agreement For Three or More Parties Investing Together     05-30-2012
Sample Property Co-Ownership Agreement For Two Parties Who Will Live Together     05-30-2012
Sample Property Co-Ownership Agreement For Two Parties Who Will Live Together     05-30-2012
Andy Sirkin explains why fractional ownership makes sense as an alternative to vacation rentals for both vacation home owners and renters.     03-09-2012
How relationship selling techniques can lead fractional ownership buyers to make a purchase commitment     03-09-2012
Learn how to sell fractional ownership in a vacation home or condominium, from speaking with buyers or potential partners, to getting a commitment to buy     03-09-2012
Model scripts answer challenging questions from fractional ownership buyers and pose the closing questions     03-09-2012
Ten keys to introducing Realtors to fractional ownership and enticing them to market and sell fractional property     03-09-2012
Learn the 10 best ways to prevent family co-ownership from leading to anger, resentment and frustration     03-08-2012
Step-by-step operating instructions for a fractional ownership association or any group that co-owns and shares vacation or resort property     03-08-2012
A Place For All Seasons (2581 KBytes, PDF)     02-04-2011
A comprehensive and impartial buyers guide to fractional vacation home ownership. Learn the right questions and make the best choice     11-18-2009
Regulations for fractional ownership, residence clubs, and timeshare sales, contracts and disclosure for every European country with bullet point summary .   10-28-2009
Fractionals 102 Outline (136 KBytes, PDF)     01-28-2009
Fractionals 102 Workshop (75 KBytes, PDF)     01-28-2009
Does fractional ownership, residence club, or timeshare make sense for your project? Explore profit/return, location, compliance, financing, marketing/sales aspects.     01-08-2009
Learn how to tell if a fractional ownership sale is feasible. Analysis tools for vacation home owners and real estate agents     01-07-2009
A fractional ownership specialist lawyer explains the 10 most important issues in shared property ownership, co-ownership and partnership     11-20-2008
Are fractional ownership and private residence clubs the same as timeshares? What’s the difference between fractional ownership and timeshare?     08-06-2008
Owning a vacation home at a fraction of the cost--is owning with others asking for trouble? When is fractional ownership better than owning alone?     08-06-2008
Fractional Ownership of French Property: La Tribune interviews Andy Sirkin on the growth of fractional ownership in France (Francais) (87 KBytes, PDF)     05-23-2008
Key concepts in French real estate transactions, taxation and treaties; tax effects of various fractional ownership structures; tax consequence of vacation rentals and commercial characterization (346 KBytes, PDF)     12-14-2007
Anwers to the most frequently asked questions on all aspects of fractional ownership for the buyer, seller, developer or Realtor     11-16-2007
Law, regulations and filing requirements for fractional ownership, residence clubs and timeshare for all 50 states with bullet point summaries     11-16-2007
Own a Slice of The Ideal Vacation with Fractional Ownership (27546 KBytes, PDF) Article from Luxury Travel Magazine (summer 2007)   07-25-2007
A Second Home at Half the Price (3560 KBytes, PDF) Money Magazine article describing the benefits and exploding popularity of fractional vacation real estate ownership, private residence clubs, destination and vacation clubs, and other forms of fractional vacation property.   07-25-2007
Fractionals: TICs For Vacation Home or Condominium Excerpt from article relating to shared vacation home tenancy in common arrangements.   10-18-2006
Full text of California law on timeshare, fractional ownership, and residence clubs, including registration, advertising, sales, contracts and owner protection (977 KBytes, HTM)     10-11-2006
Tax Aspects of Fractional Ownership: Learn whether dues and expenses paid by owners of residence clubs, timeshares and other fractional ownership arrangements tax deductible (210 KBytes, PDF)     10-11-2006

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