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California Subdivision Map Act (Part 2)     01-15-2016
California Subdivision Map Act (Part 3)     01-15-2016
California Subdivision Map Act 2 (Part 1) CALIFORNIA GOVERNMENT CODE SECTION 66410-66499, the California law that specifies how cities and counties can restrict lot splits, condominium conversions and other subdivisions   01-15-2016
San Francisco Rent and Eviction Control Law (1707 KBytes, PDF) The full text of SF's rent ordinance including the 14 just causes for eviction and the requirements for owner move in evictions, relative move in evictions, and evictions for renovations.   01-29-2012
San Francisco Rent Board Rules and Regulations (758 KBytes, PDF) These rules do not have the force of law but are followed by the SF Rent Board when it adjudicates landlord tenant disputes. These rules are also sometimes used by judges to help interpret Sf's rent control laws.   01-29-2012
California appellate court clarifies that TIC conversions are not subject to local subdivision or condominium conversion restrictions (178 KBytes, PDF)     06-18-2007
Ellis Act CALIFORNIA GOVERNMENT CODE SECTIONS 7060-7060.7, the California law that allows owners and landlords to evict rent control tenants in order to take their building off the rental market   12-16-2004

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