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Condominium Conversion Eligibility

The first few articles on this page describe generally which San Francisco properties are eligible for condominium conversion, while the later articles address more unusual and specific situations.
Deciding Whether to Convert to Condominiums
Is converting to condominiums worthwhile? Understand the pros and cons of condo conversion, and learn how to weigh its costs and benefits.
Simple Summary of San Francisco Condominium Conversion Rules
Condo conversion for dummies: Quickly determine if your property qualifies, and learn how to convert your building to condominiums.
San Francisco Condominium Conversion Rules and Process
Condominium conversion step-by-step. How to qualify for conversion and bypass the condo lottery? How long does condo-izing take and how much does it cost?
New Condominium Conversion Lottery Bypass Law
Qualification requirements for the new condo law include conversion fee, owner-occupancy, and lifetime leases. Lottery suspension and the lawsuit poison pill.
Condominium Conversion Workshop Videos
The following videos explain who qualifies to convert under the new TIC/condominium conversion bypass law, how the lifetime lease requirements work, how a lawsuit would affect the new TIC/condo law, how the condo conversion process works, and much more. Two of the videos are designed for owners, and the third is designed for real estate professionals.
Video of 4/2014 New TIC/Condo Conversion Law Workshop For Owners
Video of 7/2013 New TIC/Condo Conversion Law Workshop For Owners
Video of 4/2014 TIC/Condo Conversion Law Workshop For Realtors
Video of 7/2013 TIC/Condo Conversion Law Workshop For Realtors, Part 1
Video of 7/2013 TIC/Condo Conversion Law Workshop For Realtors, Part 2
San Francisco's Condo Conversion Lottery System
How does the SF condominium lottery work? The chances of winning the condo lotto, and how many years it takes to win. When will the condo lottery resume?
New Tenant Buyout Law
On October 28, 2014, the San Francisco Supervisors passed a new law regulating tenant buyouts. The law prohibits condominium conversions of all types, including two-unit bypass conversions, for buildings where an elderly or disabled tenant has vacated voluntarily in connection with buyout on or after 10/31/14, and delays for 10 years a conversion where two or more non-protected tenants were bought out on or after 10/31/14. The new tenant buyout law gives the tenant 45 days to change his/her mind, and requires a written buyout agreement to be filed with the San Francisco Rent Board (which will keep publicly accessible records of all buyouts). (Read The full text of the new tenant buyout law).
Effect of Eviction and Tenant Buyout History on Condominium Conversion Eligibility
Which past evictions and tenant buyouts prevent a building from converting to condos in San Francisco? How to analyze eviction/buyout history and tell if and when a condo conversion is possible.
Condo Conversion Exemption for Renovations or Additions
Can major renovations or building expansions allow a building to convert to condominiums with owner-occupancy or winning the condo lotto? What is “new construction”?
Condominium Conversion In Oakland
Restrictions on condominium conversion in Oakland, condo conversion rules and procedures, and the process of converting a building to condominiums in Oakland. (589 KBytes, PDF)

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This site contains many other articles on subdivisions, condominium conversion, and homeowners associations, categorized for easy navigation under the links below.
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Starting and Operating A Homeowners Association
The Law of Condominium Conversion
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