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More TIC Resources and Publications

TIC Purchase Contract Addendum/Disclosure (individual loans)
Purchase contract addendum for sales of TIC interests with individual loans (72 KBytes, PDF)
TIC Purchase Contract Addendum/Disclosure (group loans)
An attachment for purchase contracts which provides the contract contingencies, terms, and disclosures which need to be added to standard form purchase contracts for individual TIC interests sold with group financing (92 KBytes, PDF)
Our Housing Crisis: A Developer's Perspective
A cogent argument that allowing more density is the only was to increase housing affordability (260 KBytes, PDF)
Promoting Home Ownership Through Condominium Conversion
A complete and well-considered discussion of two competing proposals for liberalization of San Francisco's condominium conversion restrictions, released in 2004 (649 KBytes, PDF)
TIC Financing Resources

Find Out About Tenancy In Common With Exclusive Occupancy Rights

This site contains many other articles on SACO TICs, categorized for easy navigation under the links below.

Understanding Basic TIC Concepts and Structure
Operating and Managing A TIC
TIC Essentials For Buyers and Their Realtors
TIC Guidance for Sellers and Their Realtors
TIC Law, Regulation, and Government Approval
San Francisco Rent Control and Tenants Rights
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