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TIC Law, Regulation, and Government Approval

The material on this page describes the law and regulations applicable to TICs with exclusive occupancy rights. It includes summaries, explanations, and step-by-step instructions, as well as the full text of actual legal code and case law. The articles explain when you are legally allowed to sell homes as TICs, when you are required to get governmental approval, and how to get governmental approval.
Update on Anti-TIC and Ellis Act Laws
A summary of new 2014 law and pending proposals restricting TIC formation and Ellis Act evictions.
Legal Restrictions on TIC Conversions and Sales
Which buildings can convert to TIC without government approval? How long does application and approval for TIC sale take and how much does it cost?
TIC Public Report Re-Sale Exemption
Seven conditions that must be satisfied to sell a tenancy in common interest without government approval. (51 KBytes, PDF)
California BRE Position on TIC Approvals
California Bureau of Real Estate article on when TIC conversion and sale requires government approval. (257 KBytes, PDF)
New California TIC Regulations
The California Bureau of Real Estate (BRE) has recently adopted new regulations for formation and sales of tenancy in common (TIC) arrangements involving assignment of exclusive occupancy rights. (54 KBytes, PDF)
Court Stops TIC Regulation
California appellate court clarifes that TIC conversions are not subject to local subdivision or condominium conversion restrictions. See pages 10-14. (178 KBytes, PDF)
Court Invalidates Anti-TIC Law
California appellate court again strikes down local law prohibiting TICs. This decision was finally ordered published, making it official.
California Subdivided Lands Act
CALIFORNIA CODES BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONS CODE SECTION 11000-11200, the California consumer protection law that regulates the sale of subdivisions and undivided interests such as tenants in common (TICs)
California Subdivision Map Act
CALIFORNIA GOVERNMENT CODE SECTION 66410-66499, the California law that specifies how cities and counties can restrict lot splits, condominium conversions and other subdivisions

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This site contains many other articles on SACO TICs, categorized for easy navigation under the links below.

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