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Understanding Basic TIC Concepts and Structure

The articles on this page will help you understand what a SACO TIC is and how it works. Some of these are short and intended to only introduce the main concepts, while others are more detailed and specific. These articles explain when and why people choose a tenancy in common ownership form, and how TICs differ from condominiums and other subdivision structures. The articles are designed to answer the most commonly asked questions about how TICs organize, operate, and manage risk.
Clear Answers and Explanations on Tenancy In Common (TIC)
Understand the risks and benefits of tenant in common ownership, an affordable alternative to condominiums. Learn the best practices and law for TICs.
A Tenants In Common Primer
Learn the uses of tenancy in common ownership, the difference between TICs and condominiums, how TIC financing works, and why TICs don’t require city approval.
The New Generation of TIC Agreements
Why some TIC agreements are better at avoiding TIC problems. Learn the current best contract practices, and how to identify a good tenancy in common agreement.
Key Differences Between TICs and Condos
Learn the three most important practical things that make tenant in common ownership less desirable than condominium ownership, and understand why TICs cost less than condos.
Individual TIC Financing
Each tenancy in common owner can have a separate mortgage. Learn how fractional financing works, and why one co-owner's default does not affect other owners.

Find Out More About Tenancy In Common With Exclusive Occupancy Rights

This site contains many other articles on SACO TICs, categorized for easy navigation under the links below.

Operating and Managing A TIC
TIC Essentials for Buyer and Their Realtors
TIC Guidance for Sellers and Their Realtors
TIC Law, Regulation, and Government Approval
San Francisco Rent Control and Tenants Rights
More TIC Resources and Publications
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