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Organizing and Starting a Fractional Ownership Group or Offering

This group of articles offers guides and tips for vacation home owners, developers, and real estate professionals interested in selling property as fractional ownership, and individual buyers interested in organizing a fractional ownership group.

Fractional Ownership for Individual Homes and Condominiums

Learn how to evaluate whether a particular home or condominium makes sense for fractional ownership. This information is designed for vacation homeowners thinking of selling all or part of their home as fractional ownership, for entrepreneurs and developers thinking of building or buying homes for sale as fractional ownership, and for real estate agents and consultants who want to represent fractional ownership sales. It is also useful information for a vacation home buyer thinking of putting together a factional ownership group, and for groups of friends thinking of buying a vacation home together.
Will This Home Sell as Fractional Ownership?
Learn how to tell if a fractional ownership sale is feasible. Analysis tools for vacation home owners and real estate agents.

Fractional Ownership for Resorts and Developers

Expert guidance for real estate and resort developers thinking of including fractional ownership, private residence club, time share, or a similar arrangement in an existing or new resort development, and for builders thinking about getting into the business. Get step-by-step instructions for assessing the feasibility of developing fractional ownership, or a variation such as a private residence club (PRC), destination club, or time share.
Fractional Ownership For Resort Developers
Does fractional ownership, residence club, or timeshare make sense for your project? Explore profit/return, location, compliance, financing, marketing/sales aspects.

Fractional Ownership Usage and Pricing

Learn the most popular methods and best practices for organizing usage and reservation systems in fractional ownership, private residence clubs, destination clubs, timeshare, and quartershares, and for establishing the price you should charge for the fractional ownership interests and shares.
Fractional Ownership Usage Systems
Best practices for allocating usage in fractional ownership and residence clubs. Pros and cons of fixed-use, reservation, rotation and exchange options.
Pricing Fractional Ownership
Best practices and strategies for pricing and price multipliers in fractional ownership, quartershares, and residence clubs.

Learn More About Fractional Ownership

This site contans many articles on all aspects of fractional ownership, categorized for easy navigation under the links below.

General Information on Fractional Ownership
Fractional Ownership and Residence Club Buyer Guide
Operating and Managing Fractional Ownership Groups
Fractional Ownership and Timeshare Law
Fractional Ownership Resources
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