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Upcoming Seminars
TIC and Condominium Conversion Basics for Realtors
This is a workshop for real estate agents who are new to the TIC and condo conversion world, or who want a "refresher" and update.

Topics will include:
• Understanding the differences between condos and TICs, and explaining those differences to clients
• Financing TICs in today’s market
• Dealing with the lender and the TIC Agreement in a TIC Resale
• Protecting buyers, sellers and Realtors in TIC transactions
• Realtor checklists for representing TIC buyers and sellers
• Latest condo conversion eligibility rules
• The effect of eviction history on conversion eligibility
• TIC and condo conversion Q & A

May 21, 2015 at 11:30 - 1:30. Open to SFAR members only. Contact SFAR for reservation.
Arrange A TIC and Conversion Update or Workshop
We would be delighted to present a short update or refresher on the latest tenancy in common and condominium conversion developments to your group or real estate office, or to participate in a longer workshop that you arrange. Our participation is free of charge so long as there are 25 or more attendees. For more information, call Laura at 415-738-8545, or email [email protected]
What's New
Tenant Buyout Law
On October 28, 2014, the San Francisco Supervisors passed a new law regulating tenant buyouts. The law prohibits condominium conversions of all types, including two-unit bypass conversions, for buildings where an elderly or disabled tenant has vacated voluntarily in connection with buyout on or after 10/31/14, and delays for 10 years a conversion where two or more non-protected tenants were bought out on or after 10/31/14. The new tenant buyout law gives the tenant 45 days to change his/her mind, and requires a written buyout agreement to be filed with the San Francisco Rent Board (which will keep publicly accessible records of all buyouts). (Read The full text of the new tenant buyout law).
Summary of San Francisco’s New Short-Term Rental Law
The new law makes vacation rentals in San Francisco clearly illegal in most situations, and empowers neighbors and tenants groups to take the lead in shutting them down. Here is a summary.
Update on Proposed Anti-TIC and Ellis Act Laws
A summary of four 2014 proposed laws at the state and local level that would prevent or restrict TIC formation and Ellis Act evictions.
New TIC Loan Program
After a three-year absence from the TIC fractional mortgage market, Bank of Marin has announced a new individual TIC loan program effective April 10, 2014. For information contact Steve Kambur at [email protected] or 415-884-4073.
Sample Agreements, Forms and Templates
A variety of reasonably-priced sample tenant in common (TIC), co-ownership, shared ownership, investment, and cohabitation/unmarried couples contracts and other documents for those who prefer to create their own agreement. These templates are comprehensive, yet written in plain English, not too long, and easy to customize.
Qualification requirements for the new condo law include conversion fee, owner-occupancy, and lifetime leases. Lottery suspension and the lawsuit poison pill
Investment Offerings Securities Restrictions Relaxed
Those wishing to raise money for real estate investments will now be able to advertise their offerings to the general public without registering a securities offering.
Smoking Restrictions In Condominiums
This article describes current laws restricting smoking in condominium buildings and explains how condo homeowners can create their own smoking bans and rules.
Home Ownership For Domestic Partners and Unmarried Couples
This pamphlet provides comprehensive information on real estate and home ownership by domestic partners and unmarried couples.
Condominium Conversion Top 10 Questions
Quick answers to the 10 most commonly-asked questions about the San Francisco condominium conversion process.
How To Fasttrack Your Condo Lottery Bypass Conversion
San Francisco allows two-unit owner occupied buildings to bypass the conversion lottery and convert to condominiums following a one-year owner-occupancy period. This article explains how you can fasttrack the condominium conversion process.
TIC Turnaround
By Jesse Fowler
Recent TIC sales statistics shown a strong recovery in the tenants in common market, and next year is likely to show continued increases in both prices and volume.
Starting and Operating A Tenants In Common (TIC) Owners Association
This article provides step-by-step instructions for starting and running a tenancy in common (TIC) group where each of the tenants in common has the right to occupy a particular apartment, house, office or other area.
Enforcing Tenancy In Common Agreements and Resolving Tenant In Common Disputes
Are TICs more risky to buy than condominiums? Do tenant in common owners fight more often than condo owners? Are TIC agreements really enforceable? Learn how tenancies in common are different than condominiums from a dispute and enforcement perspective.
TIC Buyer's Checklist
Learn the most important questions buyers and Realtors should ask before buying a tenant in common property.
Condo Buyer's Checklist
Learn what to look for in CC&Rs, Bylaws and HOA financial information before buying a condominium.
TIC Lender Re-Enters Market
National Cooperative Bank has re-entered the individual loan market for tenant in common buildings in San Francisco. Rates start at 6.00% for 3-year fixed, and the program also includes a 7-year fixed at 6.50%. For information, contact Mickey Cogliandro at 415-669-8111.
The New Generation of TIC Agreements
While we are proud of the more than 5,000 co-ownership agreements we have written over the past 25 years, we constantly adapt and improve our documents based on the feedback of co-owners and other attorneys. This year, our tenant in common agreements have made a quantum leap forward in quality and clarity, as explained in this article.
Fractional Ownership Video Tutorial
This short presentation made by Andy Sirkin to Alliance Francaise in Spring 2010 explains the basics of shared vacation home ownership as well as some specific information relating to fractional ownership of homes and apartments in France.
Fractional Vacation Homes: Marketing and Sales In Challenging Times
The ability to turn prospects into closed sales is the difference between success and failure in today’s fractional marketplace. This excellent book by David Disick is the first and only how-to manual on this topic and should be required reading for any fractional developer, seller or agent. I particularly enjoyed the detailed scripts and suggestions on how to move the sales process through the most common buyer objections.
Understanding Fractional Ownership Usage Arrangements
The usage allocation system for a fractional vacation property decides who can use the property when and, in fractional arrangements involving usage of more than one property, which home an owner will visit, and this article explains the most common usage allocation systems and describes their pros and cons.
Financing and Refinancing TICs In Today's Difficult Market
Answers to the the most commonly asked questions about TIC lending in the current lending environment
Remarkable Archival Film of Old San Francisco
This four-minute film shows San Francisco’s Market Street in 1906, four days before the earthquake. Recently discovered and restored, this is purported to be the first 35mm film ever made. It was shot from the San Francisco cable car as it made its way toward San Francisco’s Ferry Building.
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